Thies First Class Advanced X

Thies First Class Advanced X
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Output signal:


For calibrated sensors the price of the calibration is not included, thus, the calibration needs to be ordered separately (see "Calibration")!

  • 4.3352.10.400_C
Product information "Thies First Class Advanced X"
Wind speed
Measuring range 0 ... 75 m/s
Accuracy < 1 % of meas. value (0.3 ... 50 m/s) or < ±0.2 m/s
Further output variables available
Serial output
Interface RS485
Protocol THIES - ASCII
Baudrate 1200 ... 57600
Frequency output
Type pulse output
Amplitude equal to supply voltage, max. 15 V
Power requirements
Supply voltage 3.7 ... 42 V DC
Supply current 40 mA typ., 100 mA max.
Classified by IEC 61400-12-1 Ed.2 Class A 1.1
General technichal data
Heating function no
Operating Temperature -50 ... +80 °C
Electrical connection

8-pole plug connnection

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