About Wind Tunnel Centre

The Wind Tunnel Centre opened its doors in 2003 to provide high precision anemometer calibrations for the wind energy industry. With these calibrations, the accuracy of wind measurements improved significantly. Given that a deviation of 1 % between measured wind speed and actual wind speed result in 3% energy yield loss, a reliable calibration makes a huge difference.

By now, four wind tunnels are solely dedicated to high precision calibration of anemometers and wind vanes to guarantee reliable measurement results. In total, WindGuard handles more than 15.000 anemometer calibrations per year.

Wind Energy is advancing quickly to remote sites with in parts difficult climatic conditions. To analyze the quality of measurement results from sensors under icing conditions or under different atmospheric pressures, WindGuard has developed a climatic wind tunnel (opened 2009) and a variable density tunnel (2014).

The acoustically optimized large wind tunnel in Bremerhaven (opened 2008) with a circuit length of 120 m is by far the largest facility of the Wind Tunnel Centre.

WindGuard’s team of experts sees to the smooth operation of the special technical facilities.

  • Concentrated Competence in all divisions of wind energy
  • Extensive experience from the field
  • Own research projects
  • Participation in all relevant panels and committees of the wind industry
  • Involved in creating standards for the industry


These competencies ensure accurate measurement results and allow for meticulous research for manufacturers in wind, maritime, automotive, and aviation industry among many others.

On our website www.windtunnelcentre.com you can learn more about our wind tunnels and their technical specifications. Join us on a tour through our Wind Tunnel Centre!