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Calibration at Varying Air Pressure - WindGuard Shop Calibration at varying air pressure
WindGuard operates the only commercially used pressurized wind tunnel worldwide where a measurement of pressure induced effects on wind sensor performance is possible! The wind tunnel itself is comprised of a sheet metal construction with a closed test section that is hermetically sealed, thus enabling a variation of internal air pressure. Therefore, pressure induced effects...
€ 1,250.00 *
Calibration at Varying Air Temperature - WindGuard Shop Calibration at varying air temperature
Measurements of temperature induced effects are performed in a climate wind tunnel. The whole wind tunnel is placed in an insulated and temperature-controlled chamber. Therefore, temperature induced effects on the whole anemometer can be measured rather than rely on simple assumptions (e. g. for mechanical anemometers temperature is only influencing bearing friction). For...
€ 1,250.00 *
High Speed Calibration - WindGuard Shop High speed calibration
High speed calibrations (> 38 m/s) are performed in our large scale wind tunnel. Measurements of wind sensors are possible with flow speeds up to at least 90 m/s. Flow speed calibrations usually starts at a flow speed range of 10 m/s, with increments of 10 m/s at one yaw orientation. incl. costs for energy
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Starting threshold - Cup Anemometer Starting threshold - Cup Anemometer
Measurement in accordance to ISO 17713-1. The starting threshold will be determined by measuring the lowest wind speed at which the cups of the anemometer start to continuously turn and the anemometer is producing a measurable output signal. The anemometer is mounted with a tilt angle of 0 deg. During the measurements, the tunnel speed is slowly increased from 0 m/s upwards....
€ 350.00 *
Starting threshold Wind Vane - WindGuard Shop Starting threshold - Wind Vane
Wind tunnel measurements of starting threshold of wind vanes are performed in accordance to the ASTM D 5366 – 96. The starting threshold is determined by measuring the lowest speed at which the vane is moving from a 10° deflection to a position within 1° distance from the vane equilibrium state. The wind vane is mounted with a tilt angle of 0 deg. During the measurements,...
€ 350.00 *