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  • 10013.1
The maintenance of Thies First Class anemometers includes a detailed inspection... more
Product information "Maintenance Thies First Class Anemometer"
  • The maintenance of Thies First Class anemometers includes a detailed inspection beforehand. This includes beside the visuals inspection of each part also a signal test, the measurement of spindle concentricity and a leakage test of the rotor. Depending on the inspection result the further work process will be initiated. The maintenance will be immediately conducted in case of a damage-free anemometer. The maintenance includes the exchange of bearings and seals.

    If abnormalities or damages are detected the maintenance will not be carried out. In this case the customer will receive a detailed inspection report and a quotation that contains the additional costs for the repair.
  • Please consider: maintenance of anemometers performed by WindGuard always requires a calibration afterwards as a part of our quality control process. Therefore the maintenance needs to be ordered together with a calibration.
  • Our maintenance of Anemometers is certified by the manufacturer Thies Clima.
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